Let me think again baby of the good times we once had

venus enchanted our nights eternity was in your eyes

but now its all over and i am burning in hell

my brain is so dizzy

and my body and empty shell

love sometimes is so cruel on many ways we try to ride

vows curses and magic spells

end up in the sadness of a dawn

and now its all over and i am burning in hell

my brain is so dizzy and my body and empty shell

we will not be lovers anymore

even we did everything to try

now everybody is laughing and i cry

Love aint for me

love aint for meg


One man lives in pain another one in pleasure

and one man's trash is another man's treasure

one day you find the girl who was haunting your dream

you gonna make her laugh you gonna make her scream


If you dont want to be loved she wants to let her try

even if you dont want to someday you'll make her cry

action speaks louder than words dont stop playing till the game 's over

People opinion is confusion dont judge by the cover


Now alchemy's mutation are you ready to stand ?

her story is a mystery hard to understand

she turns your  nightmare of lead in a golden dream of pleasure

and suddenly you find the alchemist treasure


There she was standing at the corner 

of that old gaz station when i noticed her

but man i will never forget

the way she chewed her cigarette


up down down up turning around

swinging rag doll falling on the ground

up down down up agitated and skinny

White punk in the night looking so pretty


swivelling hips in those tight pants

body out of control brain full of ants

nowhere to go she is alone the rain

with crystal in her eyes and ice in her vein


now i remember that weird creature

hybrid alien came from the future

pale and sexy ghost crossing the lane

white light white heat drove her insane 


She was a geek

used leet speak

he aint a hacker

more  FB stalker

she was extatic

used narcotic

kind of smoker

a midnight talker

thats the way it goes on planet NET

love is in your mind aint easy to get

69 pin ups tatooed vampires route 666 freaks

tell me metal kids how can you get your kicks ?

she liked his lyrics

he loved her pix

she was a joker

he was a rocker

she got her kicks

buying lipsticks

she was a hiker

he was a biker 

she was unique 

that made him sick

a virtual lover

Endless dreamer


Times of war

came from a star

an army of demons

secret weapons

Glorious destiny


Xerum 525 in

die Glocke machine

Nibiru informations

Bilderberg machinations

Chemtrails exposed

Revelations explode

Times of war

came from,a star

and army of demons

secret weapons


Down south Miami a place called Big Pine Key

people downthere like to be free

on the seven miles bridge Don rides his shovel head

looking like a pirate bandana in his head

thats the way we rock born in a southern land

on the french riviera they call me southern man

i have been in new oleans

To meet amazing musicians

do you play guitar drums or double bass ?

no sir im a froggy french singer not a racoon ass !

thats the way they rock in a southern band

and the french riviera looks like dixieland

pretty girls nice bikes drinking southern comfort on ice

pot and booze turn me loose 

My live is like a rolling dice

now im back in France and i still rock n roll

i love loud music and a pretty baby doll

Sometimes i remember the southern sound of bottleneck on dobro

i wish i was a star im just a local hero


10am saturday october 25

5 old bikers booze pot and wine

Too much to drink sun getting hot

day of infamy is about to start

Now a blond horny girl with big boops hitch hikers

jump on the saddles of our 5 old bikers

next stop a restaurant soon table is bleeding wine

and the teenage waitress looks so divine

sometimes sinners are winners evil signs terrorize

bikers are teasers their piston out of size

may the Lord one day forgive those who regret

as nobody forget this day

 day of infamy

and a drunk clown hilarious gives the walls a talking

as our 5 bikers toward the bar are walking

joking bout that costumed tramp pushing him all around

kicking his white bald head as he falls on the ground

Late at night horny blond in a MC naked pole dancing

while the teenage waitress bikers is head giving

loud heavy metal covering clowns agony

 Insanity ruled this day of infamy


Toi le Heros solitaire

que les hommes haissent 

a travers les tenebres ton vol est silencieux

Tel un Pierrot géant fait de metal preieux

ton surf te ramene a terre

lorsque les cieux palissent

es tu homme ou heros  ?

es tu un demi dieu ?

qu est ce qui te pousse a t envoler la nuit

pour hanter notre ville

tu cherche des ennuis 

avec ton visage lunaire et du blanc dans tes yeux

" je suis le surfer d argent

je dois aider les gens

je le fais par amour non pas pour de l argent

helas je suis banni exilé sur votre Terre hostile"

Allors va vole et venge 

Justicier de la Ville


4th of July downtown Chicago

Museum sign says " all is dead "

Vikings Indians T Rex a gogo

Freaks are waiting for Gratefulldead

" Hugs 4 nugs" "2 tall boys 4 one buck "

Rainbow circus light up Soldier Field

Uncle Sam yells "what the fuck ! RU and agent of the S.H.I.E.L.D ? "

Ooh ! Chicago Deadheads 

No Bears no Bulls no Blackhawks tonite im lost in Windy City

Faghags hippies with no socks skyscrappers on lake Michigan look so pretty

"Hey man dya have any bread ? I need a ticket for Gratefulldead "

Yeyo mushrooms for mushrat

Chicago Deadheads none are fat

ooh ! Chicago Deadhead

rainbow explosions light up the night

4D colors psycho fever

Big city bright light

in the sunrise party is over

My baby this morning is high

High as she can be 

She had 10 tall boys for 5 bucks 1nd a short guy for free !

ooh Chicago Deadheads



Boys and girls alwways the same

they wanna pleasure without a shame

sex sniper sex sniper every shoot is a strike

sex sniper sex sniper when you know what she likes

late at night you make her come she saus

"Oh fucking hell"

But its hard and complicates

to understand love at the first date

sex sniper sex sniper veryshoot is a strike 

sex sniper sex sniper when you know what she likes

late at night you make her come she says "oh fucking hell"

Then one day you get older

no secret no more

no time to loose

you know what you looking for

hidden secrets you reveal

deep fantasm you make real