I wanna be a rock star

i want my bottle of whiskey

i want a billion dollars

and women at my feet

i wanna slide down your red dress

baby you are driving me ctazy

come on baby all i want is you

come on baby all i need is you

let me tell you now i mjch i love you

let me show you now how much i do

you are dancing like a flame

you burn my mind and my body

baby take my hand

i got you under my skin

i wanna slide down your red dress 

darling you got me crazy


We are sound we are light

the chrome of our bikes shining bright

we are steel we are oil gaz and fire

we are buddys we are brothers

our jackets made of black leather

we are many we are wild we are one

we are beers we are booze

we are winners no time to loose

we are parties we are pleasure we are fun

we are guitars we are drums

we are the glory out of the slums

we are hard we are rock and we roll

black leather black leather bkack leather and chromes

black leather my brother

black leather black leather black leather and chromes

black leather for ever

we are musicians we are bikers

and our jacket is lade of black leather

we are buddys we are brothers

we are U TURN


Too young so pretty

dancing like a kitty

hairdo make up

a real baby pin up

party every night

always feel right

she drinks like a punk

but never get drunk

fashion lipstick

hair color every week

too young so pretty so fine

i know she 'll never be mine

too young so pretty

a doll in the city

kidding laughing 

joking on everything

hardcore jumpstyle

she gets high for a while

but no more smileys on my phone

i wonder where she's gone

her life is supersonic

fantastic ecstatic

too young so pretty

i wish she was my baby


Baby won't you take a ride with me under dark skies above ?

white night is a lapse of time and so cold is our love

Cause the trail became a crust and we are riding all alone

dead branches we are rolling on are cracking like skull and bone

I remember that terrible night life was jusr a bad dream

as i took the Kraken a bet to dare a midnight swim

Brutal Beach aint a funny place no carnival here no ice creams

but Silver Surfer in the moonlight while Russalka laughs and screams

Deep night ride is an experience once i had to live

pain and fate i survived but fear and years don't forgive

Deep night ride one day ends up cause i know it couldnt be worse

when black birds fly left in the sky an angel light break the curse

now i am riding in the sun and life seems so easy

love of life killed the fear of death and set my soul free

now i am riding in the sun and life seems so easy ......


On the highway

im riding with you baby

you are so close to me

your arms around me

on the highway

old bikes we ride

Steppenwolf by our side

singing" born to be wild"

night gives birth to the day

and day killed the night

on the highway

we are stronger than the night

rolling in the moonlight

everything is allright

on the highway

screaming eagles fly

asphalt is rolling by

we are too young to die

do you feel my soul ?

do you feel my heart ?

do you feel my love ?


When i was a young man i rode my bike and lived the free life of a Rocker

with my buddys and my brother i was rambling around had nothing but love to offer

so one day i decided to have a good job and make money

i signed up in the Navy and kissed goodby my honey

times got harder aint no fun cruising so far when they give you a gun and send you to the war

this is a tribute to those forgotten heros those who let their familly friends and baby os

this is a prayer for all the veterans

sometimes i remember that absurd scary day and how the blood stained the deck and the water

and how in that evil forgotten bay weve been mutilated like pigs at the slaughter

my comrads and igot one thing in our mind kept ourselbes alive but i was deaf and blind

and in five minutes weve been blown down to hell on a beach called "no sun no shell"

Now every year in July they guide me in the steets in my uniform i feel the parade around me

i know for a soldier this day must be great but for me it means pain not glory

for my familly and friends ive lost and i wonder how my life will going on

and when the schoolboys want to know why ive been to the war i ask myself the same question

this is a tribute for the forgoten heros those who let teir familly friends and baby os

This is a prayer for all the veterans

veterans you will always stay in our mind for you fought in fear and terror even with pride and honor

some battles you won some wars you lost is your life a failure was your choice an error ?


Roxie n est plus une ado

elle est sexy de bas en haut

chaque fois qu elle me regardait

ses yeux maquillés m irradiaient

tous les soirs je la raccompagne

dans mon Impala Chevrolet

et comme on passe par la campagne

jlui ai donné ce qu elle voulait ...

Sa mere n est pas mal non plus

des qu on s est vu on s est plu

pour un flirt sans lendemain 

je retiens pas mes mains

l autre soit elles m ont invité

a boire le café

on n avait pas fini nos tasses

jles ai tirées ....

a pile ou face

Roxie moi et sa mere

depuis on s entend bien

je sais que ça les rassure

un vrai mec qui assure

Roxie moi et sa mere

on ne se quitte plus

nos amours vont couleur vermeil

et au lit on fait des merveilles 


Dont break my wings i was born to fly

So let me sing til the day i die

quand tu montes en voiture

n oublies pas la ceinture

petit tu avais des bons points

Maintenant le permis a point

tu veus faire un creneau completement defait

ta pas bu que de l eau 

"Arretez monsieur vous griffez"

Tu joues de la guitare

baisse toi il est trop tard

du rock dans un bar du port

c est trop vulgaire et trop fort

tu n oses plus rien dire de peur de les offenser

demain ce sera pire tu n oseras meme plus penser

Il te reste la moto

avec un aigle dans le dos

tu crains degun ni personne

en harley davidson

tu aimes la vitesse 

avec tes potes les motards

tu freines tu serres les fesses

trop tard ta flashé le radar

alors la nuit sous les spots

tu te sens bien dans tes bottes

quand on est une bete 

on en fait qu a sa tete

la serveuse est tres belle

Mais la patronne est plutot hot

tu t isoles avec elle mais ta perdu les capotes 


Quand vient l heure du depart

personne n a vrailent le choix

sans bagage il est trop tard

il te faut suuvre le convoi

la peur tombe sur toi

elle t entoure de son grand mateau

tu cours tu cours tu te debats

la sueur te fait froid dans le dos


Puisque la folie commence ici 

impossible d aller plus loin

et si ton corps t abandonnes

ton ame elle ta ppartient

quelques secondes ont suffit

pour bouleverser ton destin

dans cette valse folle de l horreur

ou la vie ne vaut plus rien


Des ramparts des hommes armés

leurs chiens aux crocs acérrés

les projecteurs sillonnent les cours

les sirenes et les gardes autour


Comment trouver ma route ?

je suis perdu sans repere

ma tete se remplie de doute

ce monde tourne a l envers

je sui comme un naufragé

echoue sur la Terre

je suis comme enragé

je sens monter la colere


Ecorché vif je traverse le temps 

ecorché vif mon cour plein de tourments 

ecorché vif mes yeux injecgés de sang


Ne formatez pas mon lecteur

je ne rentre pas dans un mouke

je suis comme un acteur virtuel

dans un decor qui s ecroule

comme un couo de tonnerre ça frappe fort dans mon coeur

quand je vois cette misere et entend tous ces pleurs


Le ciel est noir mon ame est sombre

je marche au milieu des ombres

mon espoir s eteind peu a peu 

et se cosumme dans un feu

cette course aux richesses ou chacun se tue se blesse 

illjsoire planete bleue 

tant d vies sont en jeu